Blank System

     Our Patented Safety Blank System consists of a drop-in Blank Firing Barrel and a specially designed Blank Cartridge.  The system is designed to be very user friendly by using stock springs and stock magazines.  All you need to do is drop in our Blank Firing Barrel, load your mag with our Safety Blanks and you’re good to go.

     All of our barrels are CNC machined out of a single piece of Hardened 416 Stainless steel bar stock.  There is NO threaded or welded plug that could become a projectile.  A small port at the end of each barrel is aimed down and away from the user or by-stander.  The position of the port means that there is NO forward muzzle blast for increased close range safety.

The biggest safety feature of our Blank System is the design of the chamber and blank itself, it is made so that a live round will not feed into our Blank Barrel.  If by some chance a live round is loaded into a magazine in a firearm with our barrel installed, the live round will jam in the barrel making it impossible to fire.  The jam can be cleared and normal blank firing can continue.

Our Safety Blank Systems barrels and blanks are currently available for the following brands:

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