No blank is completely safe, but since our blanks have no projectiles they are safer than live ammo.  The pressure escaping the end of a barrel when a blank is fired can still be dangerous, so precautions should still be taken.  Eye and ear protection should always be worn.

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Yes we can make custom blanks.  If you’re looking for a blank we don’t have listed on our site, give us a call to see what we can do. (321)636-3376

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We can not offer expedited shipping.  All Blanks must be shipped via UPS ground which usually takes 3-5 business days after the order is processed.  Blanks can NOT be shipped via air.  This is not our rule it’s the shipping company’s.

Most of our blanks come in a variety of different powder loads or charges.  Typically a full load will be as loud or louder than a live round, then a half load will have a lighter powder charge making the report less than a full or live load.

The gunshot report is the sound of the shot.  Our blanks have varying loads of gunpowder making the Report different and if you have a preference order accordingly.

Corrosive powder has a lot of FLASH, SMOKE, and a loud REPORT.  We make our own special recipe of corrosive powder.  It will rust the metal of a firearm if left, so the firearm should be cleaned after every use.

Lead Free blank (or LF) refers to the primers used. Meaning that the primer used in the rounds does not contain any lead.  The Primer will be stamped with and “LF”

9-223 Lead Free

Non-corrosive powder (or NC) is any powder we use that’s not our corrosive powder.  It could be our own special mixed flash powder or a standard smokeless powder.  Firearms should be cleaned regularly after using these powders.

Blanks or blank ammo refers to firearm cartridges that have NO projectile but will still function similar to a live round.  Even tho there is no projectile, blanks are still dangerous and proper safety precautions should be practiced.  Eye and Ear protection should always be worn.

Some blanks may be labeled as “open” or “wadded” which means they have a small cardboard or Styrofoam disc that compacts and holds the powder in the blank known as a blank wad.  This wad is made to disintegrate when the blank is fired so it does not become a projectile.

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Blanks are used in a variety of different fields.  They can be used for special effects in movies, battle reenactments, firearms training, firearm simulations, and almost any application that requires a gun to be fired without a projectile.

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Our 9-223 blanks are specially designed with safety in mind.  They are made to only work with our safety barrel.  The barrel will not accept live rounds to increase safety.  Always make sure you have the correct barrel and blank for your weapon.

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Most of our blanks will work in stock/unmodified weapons but might require a blank firing adapter to function the action of the weapon.  Always make sure you have the appropriate blank and adapter combo for your firearm.  If you’re not sure contact us (321)636-3376.

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